With the creative chemistry of Sonny and Cher and the instrumental variety of Savage Garden (playing more than five instruments between them at any given show), married musical duo Scott and Kim Collins have built a home for their unique style at the junction of Alternative Rock, Folk, and Americana with their band, The Smoking Flowers.

The title of their newly released third album, Let’s Die Together, underscored the love story that fuels their distinctive sound; a romance that started in 1998 at the the 12th & Porter music venue in Nashville, Tennessee, and has lasted twenty years, hundreds of live performances, and Kim’s fierce battle with breast cancer (in remission now without the help of radiation or chemotherapy. And battling cancer with nothing but holistic therapy and dietary changes is about as Rock-Folk as it is humanly possible to be) which was a major influence in the sound and style of Let’s Die Together.

An influence that shows through especially in the Kim-fronted song ‘Rip It Off’; a song reminiscent of Janis Joplin in her prime with the hauntingly mortal refrain “I could die,” as well as in the subsequent Scott-fronted track, ‘Here 4 U Now’, a metaphor-laced testament of their absolute devotion to one another as partners in both music and life.

Their title song, ‘Let’s Die Together,’ earns them a place beside Johnny Cash for the crooning and soulful slow jam about two people, bonded by their passion for music and for each other.

Infinitely talented and tender, The Smoking Flowers are appealing in both sound and story. Let’s Die Together is a testament to true love set against a wide variety of sounds and styles, each one unique and powerful.

Let’s Die Together was released June 22, 2018 and is available for listen on Youtube and available for sale at www.thesmokingflowers.com