If there were five albums from the future that I could give to my sixteen year old self, The SIR Band’s So Cold would be the very first on that list. It’s rare to find a sound that so fundamentally resonates with the listener, and still more unique to something relatable on almost every track.

In their bittersweet introduction song called See You, SIR perfectly encapsulates the way love leaves a scar. No matter how healed the wound is, there will always be a sense of loss. Even if it doesn’t hurt anymore, there will always be a hole where ‘what ifs’ had been. When you have moved on, when you wouldn’t trade the choices you made, is where regret doesn’t hurt anymore. The heart healed, but it is fundamentally and forever changed.

SIR’s album spans a range of topics like relationships and change like The Debt and Abby’s Song (which my sixteen year old self would almost definitely have boom-boxed outside the window of her girlfriend’s house) to self-love and personal identity in Monster and hopes for the future in Go.

They even brush on the unique and profound way that a listener’s relationship with the music and artists we love is its own kind of romance in their previous single release, Wading.

Though they vary in their stories and share on a wide range of topics, SIR stays faithful to a unique and definitive sound that can’t be easily categorized.  A sexy, fun and jazzy spin on the many faces of pop with a foundation of alternative rock.

SIR opens a dialogue with their audience about the unavoidable pains of being human like the long talk with a good friend that we all should have been entitled to as confused sixteen year olds and have carried over into being confused twenty-somethings.

The Colorado based trio released their debut album, So Cold on January 1st, 2018 and is available here and in stores nationally.