With the release of their third single and with their debut album, So Cold, set to release next month, Colorado-based alternative pop-rock trio The SIR Band is well worth your attention.

“It’s actually about an experience we saw at a festival that blew our minds,” singer Sarah Angela said about the new single when the band got in touch for a phone interview early last month, “Wading talks about the irony that you don’t get to see something like that again until it comes back around to your city. You can’t hear them again or see them again, you have to wait for them to come back, and it’s about how their music moves you, and you don’t want them to stop making that music.”

She said it’s a song about love; a song about loving music and the experience about falling in love with a sound and a style, and how a live performance can be a life-changing experience; can, in fact, look – to an outsider – like a kind of obsession.

“It sounds like a sexual-ish love song.”

The band formed in Denver more than two years ago.

“I was in another band that Sarah opened for, and we made a relationship.” Drummer Luke Mehrens recalled, “That band broke up and I went to her and said, ‘if you need a drummer, let me know.’ She didn’t at the time, but shortly after she came to me and said, ‘yeah, will you be our drummer?’ and I said yes. The three of us kinda came from there.”

Sarah insisted that working with Luke and Kim was a dream come true, as a fan of their previous work.

“I begged Kim to be in my band, and now she’s mainly our lead guitarist. Luke was in a band I was borderline obsessed with,” she joked. “Luke was my favorite drummer and when he came up to me and offered to be in the band it was basically a dream come true.”

Their debut single, So Cold, is a bluesy, pop-rock track with a soul beat. The accompanying video shows the story of friends helping a friend through a breakup. Complete with alcohol, music, and the ritualistic burning of the ex’s possessions. The vocals and music engender the feelings of loss and pain and anger that everyone who has ever had their heart broken can relate to, while the video simulates the love and solidarity and support of the people who are around us while we are at rock-bottom.

“We’re a big fan of videos with double meaning,” guitarist Kim O’Hara said of the three songs the trio have produced together.

While The SIR Band is the first of their collaborative creation, it’s not the first music that the group recorded together.

“If you look up the song, Down Deep Down, we recorded it as Sarah and the Meanies.” Sarah explained, “We wrote a bunch of new music that kind of harnessed a different energy between the three of us, where all three of us were giving one hundred percent equal input in the writing of the songs. Whereas, when we were the meanies, it was me being a singer/songwriter and [them] wanting to back me up in the band, and one day we decided that we wanted to do everything as one equal voice and be heard that way, and recognized that way. So, we keep Down, Deep Down up because it was a recording that we were all a part of. It was kind of the start of what became SIR.”

Their second music video, for the song GO, was certainly a different direction than their initial releases had set the tone for. It starts out deceptively slow before building to a dancy pop-rock alternative to angstier tracks of the same premise.

That premise; a great adventure. The musician’s journey of meeting up in their (rural, Colorado) town and hitting the road to the star-studded big cities and all of their dreams.

The thematic difference, however, is that The SIR Band isn’t running from something; they’re running towards it. Feeling closer, moving like water, and ready for something more. It’s an upbeat, positive, hopeful song which made this reviewer an enduring fan.

The SIR Band is something new, and fun, and creative, and inspiring. They are well-worth a listen, and a second listen.

Wading is available now and their debut, self-labeled album is set to release on December 8, 2017. Give them a listen, give them a second listen, and as Luke said, “spread the word”.