Nobody and I mean nobody does that lo-fi, slow heroin induced groove like the Dandy Warhols.  “Distortland” the first release in four years, finds The Dandy’s back, for at least a few tracks at their absolute best.  The album itself has some lows, but this is the best thing they’ve put together since 2003’s “Welcome to the Monkey House.”  Courtney Taylor-Taylor sounds good, in his muddled, mumbled sort of brilliance. The rest of the band, Peter Holmstrom, Zia Mccabe and Brent Deboer have revived themselves in both a very new and comforting sense.  The band plays themselves extremely well, this is absolutely the Dandy Warhols record I’ve been wanting, paying homage to both who they were, and are, and gives hope to at least another decade of relevance.