The 1975

The long awaited sophomore album of alternative band The 1975 has epitomized what fans have come to love about the band: unexpected, yet expected.  With their debut album, the Brit band revolutionized the pop/alternative music scene.  Catchy beats and earnest lyrics are what the 1975 are all about and this record is no different.

The 1975 are still fans of instrumentals – there’s about 3 on the record.  The leadoff single, “Love Me,” channels the upbeat riffs from the band’s first single “Chocolate” off their first album and makes them more sophisticated.

Though sometimes darker (i.e. death), many of the sentiments of the album focus around love.  Synth-vibes are found throughout the many songs, almost reminiscent of 1980s love ballads.  Some of the songs have a slower tempo and softer vocals, a subtle change from the first album.  The lyrics from “A Change of Heart”– “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine” and “I never found love in the city” – echo those found in “Robbers” and “The City,” respectively.  Healy’s vocal abilities are showcased throughout the album.

The 1975 are Matty Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, and George Daniel.