From6f530c4b3411e658c65faa7d9817c59f.620x620x1 the opening note of Let it Happen on Currants, the latest release by Tame Impala, fans who became accustomed to a more guitar heavy assault would need to adjust their collective ears and tune right into a more synth heavy sound. Its as though front man, songwriter, and primary musician in the studio Kevin Parker sealed up his Rickenbacker 335 Jetglo and pulled the infamous Moog Sub Phatty 25 Key analog Synthesizer and a collection of drum machines out of Brian Eno and Kraftwerk’s old storage facility. This album isn’t a concept album in the way we would look at Pink Floyd’s The Wall or The Who’s Tommy. What Kevin Parker created was slippery collection of personal narratives that blend together like the warmed wax of a Lava Lamp. Stunning and beautiful it is to have its waves of post-psych sounds gently encompass ones ears, then you feel it in your legs and soon without an interruption it has buried itself in your consciousness and without realizing it you’ve just gone through your third listen and maybe just maybe you have found a new favorite record.

Tame Impala are Kevin Parker singer, guitarist, songwriter, primary studio musician playing all pieces in the studio. Dominic Simper, Bass, and cofounder,  and Jay Watson, Drums.

John Foley