We had the opportunity to have a conversation with Eddie from the Los Angeles based band Sunset. 

BT: Your Bio states “Los Angeles + Love +  Escapism = Sunset” sounds like a chapter heading-was this equation inspired by a particular book or author?

S:  Yeah, the author is me, the novel is my life and the chapter is the last 5 years of said life.  Living in LA and pursuing an artistic dream is a constant walk on a very flimsy tight-rope.

BT: How did the  band start and who writes the songs?

S:I had gone all of 2014 without working on music, it was a very dark time for me. I’m honestly surprised I made it through. So in 2015 I put all that I’d experienced, and felt, into music and Sunset was born.  Although the idea was for it to be a solo project, as I recruited musicians I realized I wanted it to feel more like a band, so despite the fact that I wrote/write the songs I encourage the guys to write their own parts as they feel it within the skeleton of the songs.

BT: How hard is it to find musicians in LA?

S:  One would think living in a city inundated with musicians that it would be easy but it’s not.  Like most artists in LA, everyone has their hand in several cookie jars.  It’s not like in the 60’s through 90’s when a musician would commit to a band and see it through.  Now, you got people who are in several projects simply because they want to cover their asses. It’s gotten so goofy that even getting musicians to rehearsals is a fucking ordeal. A lot of them want to get paid (even though they’re far from being studio musicians) and many that commit to the project without pay, make you feel like they’re doing you a favor.  It feels like everyone wants immediate gratification with the least amount of work put in.

BT:Your new self-titled EP is a nice slice of  American Dream Pop with a healthy dose of British / Anglophile rock and Shogazer influences; I can practically see the Rickenbacker guitars plugged into Vox Ac-30 amplifiers- was the EP self- produced?  If so, what DAW did you use? ( Pro Tools/ Logic. Live, etc.)

S:  The first three songs of the EP were produced by Joseph Holiday.  He has a very laid back approach but before you know it, the recordings begin to develop a sound completely their own.  Also, he understands where we’re coming from and where we want to get (soundwise). Everything was recorded live and he uses Pro Tools. Outside of those songs, I’ve been doing recording and producing (more on my own at home) using Logic. The 4th song of the EP (titled Sunset) was the first thing I ever recorded on Logic. I wrote the song in about 15 minutes just to have something to experiment with and learn how to use Logic; but what came out of it I dug and it made the EP.

BT: Speaking of influences?  What are you currently listening to now?

S: There were three albums that I listened to religiously as I was putting this project together (each of these contained something that I wanted to capture): Tame Impala’s “Currents”, Father John Misty’s “I Love You, Honeybear” and Blur’s “The Magic Whip”.

BT: Are there any non-music influences that shaped this EP? ( world events, women, etc.)

S: I guess this takes us back to the first question.  My music and lyrics have mainly been about the struggle and the beauty of living in Los Angeles: where the line of love and lust are constantly blurred, as well as that of dreams and greed, and the need to escape and addiction.

BT: What is the band up to now, and what can we expect from Sunset in the future?

S:  Unfortunately, the lineup has gone through several changes, mainly with guitarists, which takes us back to question # 3.  Haha.  However, I guess in a premonitory action, the latest batch of songs I’ve been working on are very synthesizer oriented.  I like the juxtaposition of synthesizers (which sound quasi-futuristic and outer worldly) against organic sounding drums (beats) and acoustic guitars.  Tame Impala does this, but even bands like Grandaddy were doing that and you can even go all the way back to Pink Floyd. For now, just focusing on the new tunes. We do have a show coming up at Bardot in Hollywood June 25th.  I’m still trying to figure out how we’re going to present the songs at this show.  It’s all part of a perpetual kinetic tapestry.  Never a dull moment.


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