New bands pop up all the time, some make it to the upper echelons of stardom while others fade into oblivion; from the looks of it, I think Spotlights have a shot at the former. Right off the heels of their second release Tidals,  the band has released a new EP, entitled Spiders, which shows just how far their talent can go. Since I’ve never heard of them before I decided, as any good writer and music listener would, to check out their previous works, and their sound is definitely up my alley. It also introduced me to the phrases ‘doomgazer’ and ‘shoegazer’ (as if there weren’t enough sub genres of rock). There are three songs on the EP, but they are all pretty lengthy, ranging between roughly five and a half and six and a half minutes. It’s the quality of the songs that really make the EP stand out, each providing its own unique sound.

The first song, “A Box of Talking Heads,” is a lovely melody of guitar, drums, and synth. Listening to it I can definitely see where the shoegazer aspect fits in. It’s trippy and melodious and spectacularly beautiful.

If “A Box of Talking Heads” was soft and understated, then “She Spider” has the opposite effect. It’s rock heavy with a bass guitar that takes charge of the music from the first few seconds. It’s also the only song on the EP not written by the Spotlights; credit for it goes to the band Mew. And while the two versions of the songs bear similarities with the bass being a central feature, I felt the original version was peppier in tone, while the Spotlights rendition of it was raw and gave depth and dimension to the lyrics.

The final song, “Joseph,” is a remix of a song off of  Tidals, and it is performed with the drummer Aaron Harris. This version of the song omits the lyrics and is about two minutes shorter than the original. It’s also not as heavy with the bass and is mostly focused on the drums, which slowly build throughout the song. At the end the bass screeches to a pitch before the drums finish out the song; it’s almost like listening to an orchestral piece with rock undertones. Spiders can be downloaded off the band’s website