Good evening rockers, shockers, suburban power walkers, pop and lockers, and even you bloody shit talkers. Contrary to my last transmission from the great northern wasteland, my output has been more akin to your crackhead dads child support payments. You know? Inconsistent.  As June comes at me like an octogenarian two highballs and a Percocet deep, slowly and with a distinct odor of mothballs. It’s that time of year where a small crew and I point our sails southwest toward The First State, the smallest sales tax free state, Joe Biden’s home, Yup. Delaware. Home of the Firefly Music Festival. For our crew it’s basically a week of music, drinking, eating, sweating, drunken dancing, corralling youngsters to form a human circular wall to block the haters from watching me drunkenly piss by the main stage, and other shit Vikings do while abroad.

This years model comes complete with an oversized ego(Deadmau5), Stevie Nicks complexes(Florence and her Machines), banjos(Muffinman and son), and straight up, heat on 455, bring it down and raise it up again funk(Earth, Wind, and MF’n Fire). The obligatory fake punk band with a missing singer and replacement pop vocals that the Warped tour dropped off for puking in the van, an aged hip hop artist with no, zero, absolutely devoid of any type of social consciousness however a bevy of ho’s from multiple area codes, oh And the inbred family of a Kentucky preacher who’s”boys done gone to the city to make that devil music”(KOL).

Now that I’m done with being a snarky asshat that sounds as old as he is, let’s focus on the hold onto your hat amazingness that waits just a few short weeks away.

1.) A late night psych-rock set by Australia’s own Tame Impala. Late night sets in the past were left to EDM artists and a weird mixture of true fans dancing hard and anxiously awaiting the next drop and everyone else enjoying the evenings buzz and the light show accompaniment. Tame brings some diversity to the nighttime, a chance to step away from the pounding bass and staccato flashes of light and into a more psychedelic,  relaxed atmosphere. Add to this that Tame Impala are hitting an artistic stride right now and by all accounts are firing with all cylinders blazing.

2.) Major Lazer. Hell, no joke. I can’t imagine an ass within five miles not moving, bodies not sweating, and crazy smiles upon all the inhabitants faces. Great EDM that’s easily digestible and wildly fun to dance your ass off too.

3.) Two Door Cinema Club. After a prolonged hiatus TDCC is back, I got hip to them well after the last tour had ended and I’ve had them on my list ever since. I don’t know what to expect but their Boston gig on June 6th sold out in 5 minutes and tickets aren’t even available via Satan’s own ticket agency StubHub.

So that’s a little intro to FF2016. The real meat and potatoes of this fest and my experiences in Delaware these last 3 years is that I get to experience them with my daughter. Starting as a 15 year old. She’s proven time and time again to not only be a intelligent music listener, a fun plus one to any show, but also has a keen ability to rally drunken people to form a human circular wall around her dear ole dad so he doesn’t have to hike away from the stage to take a piss.

This year like last few our fun begins with the speculation on the line up, then after they release the line up starting from the bottom of the list checking out every band listed and finding our gems, and finally experiencing live music with our eyes wide open and ears tuned to the stage. I’m not one of those Hallmark Holiday fuckers but when I stop and reflect upon these last few years going to Firefly it’s become a Fathers Day tradition that we hope to continue well into the future.

So anyhow. Happy Fathers Day. Hug your kids. Hug your parents. Blow everyone off and go see a show, fuck it take a parent to show get them wasted and post the pictures to Facebook. Their friends will be jealous.