The record opens up with a spoken word thing that has a old school goth vibe reminiscent of Boston Mass’ own Sleep Chamber, among others. No surprise, though, as the production is handled by Bauhaus/Love And Rockets legend David J, After a few listens to Fact | Fiction it’s evident the duo of Shon and Cherie Rae Cobbs are a real life couple. The arrangements, the voices, the instrumentation, and the lyrics just meld into one. I see why they tapped David J to work with. His pedigree brands him perfect for these two as his production cements a definite cohesiveness in sound and feel. I sensed a theme throughout this recording and, after reading the press release, I  wasn’t surprised to find out the duo created this is as a concept record, Makes sense as the truth/lies theme runs through this dark, synthy journey. Do yourself a favor and put on some headphones, clear some time, and prepare to get swallowed up.There is some great creativity/skill level going on here. Evident of the bass line and arrangement on Murder in the Valley of Plume Verda and the loud/quiet/loud thing in “I’m Lost”.

Cherie’s voice is in quality form for this project. While comparisons to The XX, Lana Del Rey and Portishead seem logical, it’s Madonna that jumps out at this writer. On the track “Nightfall”, Cherire’s delivery takes me back to when Madge and William Orbit dropped the tracks Frozen and The Power of Goodbye upon the world. Throw in David J and husband Shon and, hopefully, we have something to look forward to in the world of Lush Pop

Lastly, I see session drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese plays on this record although it’s tough to tell what’s software generated vs human. I guess I’ll have to go see Plume Varia live so I can ask them.

Plume Varia will be touring the Midwest in late October 2017. Find tour dates and other info at