While browsing through Spotify’s new music recommendations for me, I came across this hidden gem. Safe In Sound, the fifth album by British rock band Lower Than Atlantis, was just what I needed after the music slump that I was having. It was a good balance of pop and rock, with some grunge tossed in for good measure. They accomplish what Train couldn’t do by experimenting with different sounds while keeping in mind the overall tone of the album.

The first line of the opening song, “Had Enough,” sets the tone for the album by declaring “I hate everyone that I meet/ But I’m getting better.” With its sweeping guitar riffs and catchy chorus, it makes for a great opening track. We then transition into “Dumb,” my favorite track on the album, with pop-rock beats that you can dance to. “Boomerang” is an amazing combination of pop, rock, and electric, with lyrics that urge us not to give up on our goals. “Work for It” echoes this sentiment, by saying that hard work pays off if you are willing to work for it. It’s definitely a song for live performances, with its rally cry of a chorus. Keeping that positivity in mind, the track “Could Be Worse” is a bittersweet anthem full of feeling and crossover guitar parts.
“I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore” is the most vulnerable and lyrical track on the album, as it tackles with feelings of depression and suicide. It’s real and raw, and gives the listener a deeper look into the thoughts and mind of front man Mike Duce. Finishing up the album on a high note is “A Night to Forget,” an upbeat bar anthem that wants us to have fun and “Call in sick/ And you probably will be/ Have a couple of drinks.” Safe In Sound was a pleasant surprise, and I can already say that I’m addicted to their sound. The whole album is a good time with many memorable and catchy songs. The album is out now, so go give it a listen!