It amazed me to look and see that “Free” is the ninth release from Jon Crocker.  The songs on “Free” that Jon’s given to the world, seem to find the former wandering troubadour in a much more mellow and content place.  There are still elements of the brilliant passionate wordsmith, but this album doesn’t pack the songs that formerly you’d find Jon’s stomped foot rattling bottles on bar tops with.  Songs like “Easier Each Time,” “Follow Your Feet” and “Might as Well Be Now” remind me more of Jon’s past as a Southern California beach kid, influenced by warm nights and Brian Wilson floating on the air, than the current Alaskan refuge.

“Ghost” by far my favorite song on the record, floats about as ethereal as Jon can get, it’s a slow, moody and beautiful song, and doesn’t feel like it clocks in over seven minutes.  Overall, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this release, and after watching Jon now for longer than I want to admit, this over much deserved repeated listens is going to rank at the top of his expansive catalog.

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