Halestorm has made it a bit of a tradition in releasing a cover EP in between albums, and recently last week released the third volume of their Reanimate series. Featuring songs from Whitesnake, Joan Jett, Sophie B. Hawkins, Twenty One Pilots, Soundgarden, and Metallica, this newest EP is a fantastic blend of 80s hair metal, 90s grunge, and modern day pop songs. Lead singer Lzzy Hale’s voice is perfect for “I Hate Myself For Loving You” and “Still Of The Night,” as if she emerged from that decade ready to rock. I’m a huge fan of Joan Jett, and Hale’s adaption of “I Hate Myself For Loving You” is a spot on rendition that would make Joan proud.

They turn up the sound in Sophie B. Hawkins “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover,” adding more energy to the originally subdued song by amping up the guitars delivery of the lyrics. The electronic beats of Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” are replaced by the guitar; it is a decent portrayal of the song (I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Twenty One Pilots, and “Heathens” isn’t particularly my favorite). “Fell On Black Days” turns down the grunge and turns up the more bluesy elements of the song. It’s a good song for showing off Hale’s range as a singer, as she mostly stays in the lower keys with this song.

The real centerpiece of the album is their cover of Metallica’s “Ride The Lightening.” They are able to capture the rhythms of the original piece and stay true to Metallica’s sound, the guitar and drum solo section of the song are powerful and fierce. The difference lies in Hale’s vocal delivery, as it doesn’t quite match that of James Hetfield, but she puts everything she has into belting out those lyrics with just as much force. The album is a fun teaser for what the band has in store for their next album, which is expected to drop sometime this year. It’s not always easy for bands to do good covers of songs, especially classics, but Halestorm succeeds in their attempts and is able to come out ahead.