Back in 1992 when I first heard the self titled debut of Circle of Dust, I lived for the band.  Following them over the years, briefly having a moment in time working within the bands universe, there were moments where Circle of Dust cassettes (yes cassettes) never left my car.  When I found out that Klayton, now more known for music created under the Celldweller moniker, had finally received the masters back and was planning on re-releasing every Circle album throughout 2016, culminating in brand new Circle material, had my inner cyberpunk screaming with angry exuberance.  There are certain artists who are masters at what they do, with the remastering of the self titled Circle of Dust release, Klayton has reinforced that he is one.  The stand out tracks back then are the same now, “One Enemy,” “Self Inflict,”  “Nothing Sacred.” and “Rational Lies” point to the future of the heavy electronic dreams dwelling in the mind of Klayton, where not only  Circle of Dust would go, but where Klayton would end up with Celldweller.  If the remastering of this record gives a glimpse of what’s to come with the other releases, including the monumental Argyle Park release, this is going to be a very, very good year for Klayton, and Circle of Dust.