coverBowling For Soup dropped their new album Drunk Dynasty only a few weeks ago, their first new album in three years and their eleventh studio album, but it was originally meant to be a five track EP. The band had so much fun recording, and you can tell by listening to it, that they decided to release a full eleven track album. It’s a quick listen, the entire thing clocks in at only thirty-six minutes, but it is enjoyable from beginning to end. I’ve always loved the band’s self-deprecating and satirical sense of humor, and these songs deliver the same witty charisma that Bowling For Soup is known for. They sing about crazy girlfriends, getting drunk, and getting in trouble while giving us solid beats and catchy choruses.


Every song flowed effortlessly from one to the next, and the energy never drops, though the final song slows things down a bit as a country tune about lead singer Jaret Reddick’s grandfather that is both funny and heartfelt. The band also does a cover of Gin Blossom’s “Hey Jealousy” that could rival the original song. It was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one on my part, as I have a fondness for 90s rock. Kelly Ogdon of The Dollyrots lends her voice to the song “As Happy as Happy Gets;” she has a great chemistry with the band, and has collaborated and toured with them in the past. The song “Don’t Be a Dick” should, in my opinion, be listened to by everyone as it teaches the important lesson of being kind to one another, something that our society often lacks. I didn’t particularly care for “Stop Doing That,” as the chorus was rather repetitive, but I know not every song is going to be a hit.


The band seems tighter than ever and you can tell that they are having a lot of fun making this album. I could go on and on, but my overall impression is that Drunk Dynasty is a solid album that gives us the Bowling For Soup that we, or at least I, have always loved.


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