Jul 30, 2017 Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston, Massachusetts

Any time I can see Clem Burke and Butch Vig hold down a beat while Chris Stein and the guitar duo of Duke Erikson & Steve Marker bring the noise I’m there. Make no mistake though, this tour is about the ladies.  Shirley Manson bringing the rage and Debbie Harry bringing, well, everything. After catching the last couple songs of guitar/drum female openers Deap Vally, we grabbed a beer and settled in for Garbage. It made sense that electronics littered the stage for the Madison Wisconsin band as the band is made up of studio whiz’ & their second record was called 2.0. After the opener, new single No Horses, the bands ripped into a blistering run which included  Sex Is Not the Enemy, #1 Crush & I Think I’m Paranoid. As expected, the music sounded great and Manson doesn’t seem to have lost a step. The songs are still being played in their original keys and she even took a stroll through the Pavilion, high fiving her loyal, primarily female, fans.

After a bathroom break and a stop at the merch booth, it was now time for Blondie. They opened with the nostalgic One Way or Another into Hanging on the Telephone, immediately whipping the crowd into a swarming frenzy. Next up was the track Fun, the first single off their latest release, “Pollinator”. This is especially fitting as Debbie Harry is a novice bee keeper and ever an ambassador to environmental causes. This was apparent by the bee looking hat on her head and the cape on her back that read  “STOP F*CKING THE PLANET”. After an outfit change they launched into the discoish Rapture, where Debbie still delivered on the songs now legendary rap verses. The band was in top form, especially original guitarist Chris Stein. His licks are Blondie in a sense and he hasn’t lost a step. After set closer, Heart of Glass, the band gave the Boston crowd a special gift in the form of a punk rock of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. As the final chorus’ of “Dreaming” rang out it ​all came to me. Debbie Harry is 73 years old, a little goofy, a bit awkward, ​and lost her place a few times during the night but man, if I can be doing half of what she was at her age I’d be content. If I can’t, I can still Dream.​