It took only till the first chorus to the funky, opening track “Deny” to hear that Ben possesses a soulful, powerful voice. I’m not surprised to learn that this kid placed high in both New Zealand Idol & The Voice Australia television series. Currently, Ben is promoting this 6 song ep and it keeps in line with Ben’s output as it’s the 3rd ep he’s released. The first since 2016’s “Vanta”.

I like the production on this project as it has an electronic driven quality to it, which serves the songs well. Ben and his production team create a quality landscape for his vocals to drip into. The cut “Drive On” has a nice loud/quiet/loud vibe, almost an old school Depeche Mode or Pixies feel.

This guy is a smooth lyricist, as well.  On the track “Darkest Hour” Ben will “Show You the Way” while “Carrying you home” on the track “Feel the Love”. His words bury you in  life’s shade only to set up the rewarding lustre.  27 year old Halzewood’s dance teacher mom has had Ben singing and dancing for years now. No doubt that, and his good looks, gave him a leg up on the competition for the talent show run.

We’ve come a long way from American Idol being the only 3 judge singing style show so it’s tough to break out from that set up. The days are gone where a Clay Aiken or a Chris Daughtry can forge a successful career without actually winning the show. Now it takes more, it takes ​an extra ​something. With the EOS ep,B​en Hazlewood ​is continuing on his way to that “something”.

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