Author: Mike Flatt

Adam Faucett 04-04-2016

Full Disclosure.  I had the extreme good fortune of being able to distribute two of Adam’s albums on my very short lived record label a few years ago.  When Adam first came to my attention, I was absolutely blown away at the perfect blending of subtlety and power in both his song writing and vocal style.  So kick back and enjoy a brief conversation with someone who I consider a friend, even if we’ve only been in the same part of the world less than a handful of times.   BT:  Adam, I’ve been watching you for years now. ...

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D W N T W N 02-29-2016

Every once in awhile you have to thank your friends for turning you onto a band you’ve never heard before, as it was for me, I hope we can do that for you.  Such is the case with the Los Angeles based quartet, DWNTWN.  They’ve already released three EP’s, that you can find on Spotify or Apple Music, or do yourself a favor and spend some time on their Youtube page.  Vocalist, Jamie Leffler was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with me, to discuss the future of the band, new music and what it’s like...

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