Author: Mike Flatt

Jon Crocker – Free

It amazed me to look and see that “Free” is the ninth release from Jon Crocker.  The songs on “Free” that Jon’s given to the world, seem to find the former wandering troubadour in a much more mellow and content place.  There are still elements of the brilliant passionate wordsmith, but this album doesn’t pack the songs that formerly you’d find Jon’s stomped foot rattling bottles on bar tops with.  Songs like “Easier Each Time,” “Follow Your Feet” and “Might as Well Be Now” remind me more of Jon’s past as a Southern California beach kid, influenced by warm...

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Bluetint Magazine Volume 15

Listen to the playlist HERE    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :  Little Thing Gone Wild Father John Misty: Pure Comedy Motorhead: Heroes Phosphorescent: This Land Is Your Land St. Vincent: Los Ageless The Lemon Twigs : Why Didn’t You Say That Joywave: It’s a Trip! Arcade Fire: Everything Now The Killers: The Man The Chain Gang of 1974: Wallflowers The Kills:  Echo Home Deer Tick: Jumpstarting The National: The System Only Dreams in Total...

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Barrett Martin (Walking Papers, Mad Season, Screaming Trees) book trailer and 26 new song comp

THE SINGING EARTH is a collection of musical adventure stories from musician and writer Barrett Martin. The book chronicles Martin’s musical work on 6 continents starting with his involvement in the 1990’s Seattle music scene, and then explores song lines and sea trails in Australia and New Zealand; trance drumming in Central America; Griot music in West Africa; musical diplomacy in Cuba; touring with a Brazilian rock band; recording shamanic music in the Peruvian Amazon; playing the blues in the Mississippi Delta; recording in the Palestinian West Bank; the power of resistance in American music; and the ancient influence of Asia in music and culture. There is also a companion CD soundtrack that comes with the book, which contains rare, unreleased songs from Martin’s various bands, as well as field recordings from the incredible musical environments he has visited. Those who read and listen to the musical journey that Martin recounts will find themselves transported through exotic global landscapes where they learn about the links between ecology, community, and the music that connects us to our greater humanity. SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: If you pre-order The Singing Earth Book & Soundtrack, you’ll receive a signed 1st edition copy of the book, plus all 5 of the Barrett Martin Group CDs mailed directly to your home. Your signed book, the CD soundtrack, and all 5 BMG CDs will ship in early-August, and...

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