Author: Mike Flatt

Blame it on Boston Apathy.

Last night at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, one of my favorite Boston Venues, Poptone featuring Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus/Tones on Tail/Love and Rockets fame, along with Diva Dompe (Kevin’s daughter) took the stage to a half full room.  Which I shouldn’t be surprised at as Depeche Mode didn’t sell out the Garden two weeks earlier, and I should stop looking at the Boston fan base as having the same interests or taste as my home of Los Angeles.  But to see that room half full for this line up, was disappointing for me, and...

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Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots

STP has a new record called Stone Temple Pilots. Not to be confused with the STP 2010 release Stone Temple Pilots. Wait, are you allowed to do that? 2 self titled releases in a row? As far as this writer is concerned, the Brothers DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz can do what they want as to what they’ve been through with lead singers, and all. This isn’t a history lesson, though, check Wikipedia for that. As previously stated, the surviving three are back alongside new frontman, former The X Factor contestant & Scott Weiland voice clone, Jeff Gutt. The...

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Jon Crocker – Free

It amazed me to look and see that “Free” is the ninth release from Jon Crocker.  The songs on “Free” that Jon’s given to the world, seem to find the former wandering troubadour in a much more mellow and content place.  There are still elements of the brilliant passionate wordsmith, but this album doesn’t pack the songs that formerly you’d find Jon’s stomped foot rattling bottles on bar tops with.  Songs like “Easier Each Time,” “Follow Your Feet” and “Might as Well Be Now” remind me more of Jon’s past as a Southern California beach kid, influenced by warm...

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