Author: Neil Chapman

Blonde – Frank Ocean

Who’s Frank Ocean? I have no clue and, after listening to his newest release, I have even less of a clue (but in a good way).  Whether it be poet, spoken word artist, crooner, singer, screamer, educator, or rapper, this guy does it. All of it decent, moving in the right direction, and all with limited use of the N word (which this reviewer appreciates). I hear some influences right off the bat with an ode to Prince on the albums second track, Ivy. Later we have a guest appearance by Andre 3000 of Outkast. After that we have...

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Bryan Ferry – live at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA

      A friend let me know he had gotten me a ticket to see Bryan Ferry. First thought was  “that guy is still doing it?”. Second thought was “Cool, I gotta see this guy because this may be it”. A solid outlook, what with the recent passing of rock icons such as David Bowie, Prince and Ronnie James Dio and the fact that as artists get older, see Rush, they just can’t tour as much.      To get ready for the show I looked at the set list so I could brush up. Solo work, cover songs, & Roxy Music stuff certifies Bryan Ferry a prolific singer-songwriter...

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Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

New Iggy record, nice, post pop depression sounds cool cuz if there’s 2 things I like it’s pop music and depression. I see this is a collaboration of sorts between Iggy and Josh Homme. Yea there’s a couple of QOTSA tunes I like and the Kyuss stuff was sorta coolish back when it first came out, albeit slow. Did Josh Homme have an affair and eventually married Brody Armstrong, then wife of Rancid’s tim Armstrong, the Courtney Love clone frontwoman of the Hole ripoff The Distillers? Which wouldn’t bother me if I wasn’t such a Rancid fan, save for...

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