Author: Elle Huckins

Freddie Fisher – All Standards Broken

             Guitarist, Songwriter and resigned crooning singer for Nashville-Based group King Fisher, Freddie Fisher isn’t someone easy to attach a label to. A little bit country, a little folk, a lot of rock ‘n’ roll; a bit of a Christian, a bit more of a sinner, and a musician determined to be brutally honest about all of it. Freddie Fisher is a drug addict. And for many listeners, that’s the label that will stick. He’s also a guitar-maker and lifelong player. He’s Christian, who recorded Christian music but eventually left that scene because it was dishonest. He’s a complicated,...

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If ‘grind house blues’ was not a musical genre before Mattiel, it is now. Citing Peter, Paul, and Mary and White Stripes as respective influences, Atlanta-based singer Mattiel, bassist Randy Michael, guitarist Jonah Swilley, and drummer Jordan Manley have fused vibrant 60’s Rock ‘N’ Roll with new-age funk to create something that makes the listener nostalgic for the new. In Mattiel’s most recognizable song, ‘Whites of Their Eyes’ (a song that deserves to play over one truly fantastic Tarantino fight scene in the near future) is a desperado jam full of drum beats and vocal tweaks, inspired by one...

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DWNTWN – Racing Time

Energetic and melodious by turns, California-born indie pop group DWNTWN is the genre as it is meant to be. Following the success of three previous EP releases – 2012’s The Red Room and Cowboys, and 2014’s self-titled DWNTWN – Racing Time is the band’s first feature-length album, set to be released later this month. Hailing from Los Angeles, DWNTWN was formed by singer Jamie Leffler and guitarist Robert Cepeda before later being joined by Daniel Vancieri on drums. Following the success of the song ‘Til Tomorrow’ from the DWNTWN EP, the band was likened to such artists as Ellie...

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