BT: What’s the most exciting thing about the release of your debut CD “Music to Wash to”

Sam: I particularly dig the fact that when you put the new cd in your stereo, it plays songs by us. Some people have also mentioned that they really enjoy the music coming out of their speakers while playing our cd…I find that extremely exciting!

BT: Tell me the story about the release party?

Sam: Once upon a time in a tiny little cottage lived the three bears. One was the papa bear, one was the mama bear, one was the wee bear…oh wait, wrong story. The cd release story…ah yes! This tale is one of a beloved rock trio overcoming unforgiving weather (yes, occasionally LA folk battle the elements) and capacity crackdowns to bequeath a fine set of cubicle rock accompanied with a free copy of the new cd Music to Wash to. For a long version of what happened, groove on over to It’s all there, I swear!

BT: Can you tell me some history behind the band, and the name Feathergun?

Sam: I think the band was originally conceived at the exact moment when I was born, subconsciously of course. All my life I sought out to find what truly made me happy, what gave me chills, what made me tick. I found music and eventually, decided to play some myself. Noise turned into melodies, melodies turned into songs, songs turned into recordings and recordings got me a band. Feathergun was thus assembled and ready to unleash it’s 3 piece splendor at our first show on July 12th 2002 at the Joint.

You wanna know where the name Feathergun came from? If I tell, I’d probably have to kill you………………long awkward pause…………….Ok, so you called my bluff, congratulation!

On our first night out in LA after moving here from Chicago, myself, bassist Jesse and our buddy Angelo were thinking of names for a band and WHAM, Feathergun came about. I was like, whoa totally rad bra and they was all like that name’s hella good, yo! As you can see, Los Angeles has had very little influence on us. The name lends itself to a dichotomy. It represents a combination of such contrasting elements in symbiotic coexistence, creating a single entity of supreme being…Feathergun.

BT: Feathergun is self described as “Cubicle Rock”, what is that, and why?

Sam: According to the Feathergun glossary of terms…
Main Entry: Cubicle Rock
Pronunciation: ‘kyu-bi-k&l rok’
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin cubiculum, from cubare to lie, recline. Middle English rokken, from Old English roccian; akin to Old High German rucken to cause to move
Date: Centuries ago

1 : Rock music inspired from endless hours spent in a small partitioned space
2 : Rock music/lyrics about spending ones life in a small partitioned space
3 : Small partitioned space rock
4 : Feathergun

Not to be confused with a rock in the corner of your cubicle, which is really just a plain old dirty rock that sits there motionless and doesn’t quite rock as hard as it’s name implies. For more on that or to post your own experiences, fax yourself over to

BT: Every Musician has a story about how they fell in love with the idea of playing, what’s yours?

Sam: So many experiences have allowed me to fall in love with the idea of playing music over and over again. One thing I remember having a great impact on me is when my brother Alan, who had a jump start on his musical career at an early age, got on the piano at my auntie Rochelle’s house and performed “Purple Rain” for the family. This was the first time I really saw him perform alone and it was amazing. In addition, I saw how excited everyone got and how happy and proud mom was of him…suddenly my skills at Tetris became insignificant. Nirvana and the city of Seattle (circa 1994) convinced me to play electric guitar and the Beatles made me buy an acoustic guitar and learn their songs. Thanks guys!

BT: How do you feel when you see people singing your songs in the audience?

Sam: It’s easily one of my favorite parts of being a songwriter. Seeing people singing along with my songs makes doing what I do worth it. Often clouded by moments of self doubt, this stands as evidence that I may well be creating something worthwhile. I mean, I know I like it…but when someone else does, my nipples explode with delight.