Claire Boucher. 59ef246fRemember that name. The Vancouver born musician, who performs as Grimes, passionate media critic, visionary film maker(only music videos currently), and undoubtedly a bell weather, concerning the future direction of Pop music. For the sake of this article we will focus upon her latest and highly awaited follow up to 2012’s Visions. Art Angels released officially in November after many stops, starts, unofficial releases, and an even a reported scrapping of the entire finished product only to be completely rerecorded from scratch.
Who knew? Montreal has an ahead of their time outsider/avant garde music scene! Turning abandoned industrial buildings into anarchist art galleries and performance spaces for musicians experimenting in their respected mediums. This is the scene that Claire Boucher created Grimes, and she just may take over the world soon. Grimes’ Art Angel is not necessarily an easy first listen. Claire Boucher enjoys challenging listeners to consume her project as a whole work of art and not piecemeal and broken into small portions of easily digestible pop nuggets. Fear not dear listeners the pop nuggets are there, and they transport the listener to city streets, filthy Meat District late night clubs, and early mornings in Ibiza processing the previous nights adventures. In the first four tracks off Art Angels Boucher starts in your face, the challenging “Laughingly and Not Being Alone”, she then holds your hand and leads you to the warm pop landscape of ” California “, Scream(ft Aristophanes) sets the trend for the remainder of Art Angels, and finally the fourth track (and the reason critics/fans/artist were so anxiously awaiting the finished product) Flesh without Blood is the future. In Flesh without Blood Grimes firmly plants her flag in pop music’s ever elusive uncharted territory.
The rest of the album is at any given time challenging, charming, mind blowing, but at no time will a listener say cliché, overused, borrowed, or unoriginal. Claire Boucher is an artists artist, a visionary, and here to stay. Get on the bus or be left behind with your tired old Black eye pea’s, Pink, and Katy Perry downloads. This is music for the ages, this is an album that will inspire a listener to buy a record player and purchase music that stands the test of time.
Grimes is Claire Boucher. Ms. Boucher uses a  multitude of Synthesizers and drum machines in the studio. Live, Ms. Boucher performs consistently with the ever reliable and user-friendly Roland Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer.


John Foley