Month: July 2018

Boston Manor -​ Halo (single/video)

Halo is the first single & video from “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”. The upcoming Pure Noise Records release from Blackpool’s own, Boston Manor. Lead singer Henry Cox is quoted as saying “I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues​” ​while the first lyric is “Here we are again, A thick brown belt’s on my arm again“​. Excellent start lads, any attention to opiate addiction is much needed. For that, we thank you. Halo sees a shift in sound for the band as they veer from a traditional ​pop/punk vibe to more of a post-hardcore thing. What they haven’t veered from is their ability to write a catchy hook. This writer has had “I can see your halo fall, halo fall​“ in his head for weeks. ​Produced by Chance Wilson and directed by Lewis Cater, the video has the band members playing their instruments under a constant red neon. This captures the vibe and asthetic for both the song and the upcoming album brilliantly. Throw in a massive snake, a woman drowning in a bathtub & a singer with a fresh bowl haircut and we have a winner. Welcome to the Neighborhood​ is due out September 7th​,​ via Pure Noise Record​, and will be available via most streaming platforms. September 2018 sees the band on a United Kingdom tour so check​ for tourdates and other...

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