Month: January 2018

Jon Crocker – Free

It amazed me to look and see that “Free” is the ninth release from Jon Crocker.  The songs on “Free” that Jon’s given to the world, seem to find the former wandering troubadour in a much more mellow and content place.  There are still elements of the brilliant passionate wordsmith, but this album doesn’t pack the songs that formerly you’d find Jon’s stomped foot rattling bottles on bar tops with.  Songs like “Easier Each Time,” “Follow Your Feet” and “Might as Well Be Now” remind me more of Jon’s past as a Southern California beach kid, influenced by warm...

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ICP- The Inalienable Right to Suck

It’s easy to laugh at Insane Clown Posse. They’re goofy, dated, mostly nonsensical, and they seem baffled by things like rainbows and magnets. Their fan base is a legion of unwashed dipshits in clown makeup and if the two movies written and produced by Joseph Utsler and Joseph Bruce – better known as Violent Jay and Shaggy 2 Dope – are any kind of measure, their approach to comedy and satire is less like comedy and satire and more like stepping on a Lego over and over again for two and a half hours. It’s painful, repetitious, and never...

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