Month: May 2017

Ben Hazlewood – EOS EP

It took only till the first chorus to the funky, opening track “Deny” to hear that Ben possesses a soulful, powerful voice. I’m not surprised to learn that this kid placed high in both New Zealand Idol & The Voice Australia television series. Currently, Ben is promoting this 6 song ep and it keeps in line with Ben’s output as it’s the 3rd ep he’s released. The first since 2016’s “Vanta”. I like the production on this project as it has an electronic driven quality to it, which serves the songs well. Ben and his production team create a quality landscape for his vocals to...

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Midnight Oil – The Great Circle Tour – May 11, 2017 House Of Blues Boston Mass

This writer has been waiting for this show for some time now. Last time I saw the Oils was 2002. It was after that tour, for the Capricornia record, 6 foot 6, skinhead lead singer, Peter Garrett, decided to quit the band and focus on a career in politics. Where, for more than 10 years and because of his “team player” attitude, he managed to both please and piss off colleagues and constituents alike. Fast forward to February 2017, Midnight Oil announces The Great Circle Tour. Garrett, with all the key players in place, is finally ready to celebrate and tour the Oils catalogue live for the first time in years. Admittedly, I peeked at a few of the early set lists and was pleased with the mix of classics vs. album cuts. Opener “King of the Mountain” got the evening off to a raucous start. Garrett was in top form professing the band’s love & support for both race car driver Peter Brock and the plight of of the marginalised Australian Aborigines (a common theme throughout the band’s lyrics).  On 10-1’s “Read About It”, the back up vocals of Drummer Rob Hirst and Bassist Bones Hillman are as strong as ever and just how I remember them, always a key part of the sound of the Oils.  1984’s “When the Generals Talk” couldn’t be any more relevant over 30 years after it’s release. What...

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Feist – Pleasure

I’ve never been one for indie-pop or folk music, it usually strikes me as overtly pretentious or being too close to country, but I decided to give Feist’s new album a chance after having heard good things of it from a few people. Pleasure definitely has that folksy sound to it, but it didn’t bother me like I thought it would. The songs are lyrical and give off a feeling of dreaminess, like one is walking through the serene landscape of nature. Her lyrics are often nature based, and I think that’s why I liked the album so much....

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