Month: April 2017

Bullet Height – No Atonement

Independent musicians Sammi Doll (formerly of IAMX) and Jon Courtney (formerly of Pure Reason Revolution) both went to Berlin looking to find a new sound and a sense of adventure in their music that they each thought had been previously lacking. And, as is the beginning of most great stories, what they found was each other. Singer, song writer, guitarist and keyboard player Jon Courtney, originally of Reading, Berkshire, England parted from Pure Reason Revolution and moved to Berlin to write music that he describes as ‘darker and heavier’ than anything he’d written before. The music he made would...

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The Chainsmokers- Memories… Do Not Open

It’s hard to believe that a band like The Chainsmokers, who have been around since 2012, are only just now putting out their first album. With successful singles and EPs under their belt, you would think that they would have released their debut album years ago. I’m not particularly familiar with EDM bands, so I don’t know if this is common amongst this genre. Regardless, I decided to give Memories… Do Not Open a listen. I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far from the band (I’ve listened to “Closer” on repeat I don’t know how many times), so I...

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