Month: October 2016

Bowling For Soup- Drunk Dynasty

Bowling For Soup dropped their new album Drunk Dynasty only a few weeks ago, their first new album in three years and their eleventh studio album, but it was originally meant to be a five track EP. The band had so much fun recording, and you can tell by listening to it, that they decided to release a full eleven track album. It’s a quick listen, the entire thing clocks in at only thirty-six minutes, but it is enjoyable from beginning to end. I’ve always loved the band’s self-deprecating and satirical sense of humor, and these songs deliver the...

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U2: The Most Underrated Songs Post Pop

U2, for some it stands for legendary, for others it stands for sell out. Some claim they peaked with Joshua Tree while others say Achtung Baby is one of the greatest records of all time. When a band lasts as long as U2 there is a point when the band goes from young to old, new to used, or in some opinions, silver to tarnished. One could say that, after the release of the commercially underwhelming Pop, U2 made that transition. Regardless where you fall, there’s no denying their repertoire. From studio records to B sides to compilations, to say they have...

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Green Day – Revolution Radio

I’ve never been a huge fan of Green Day (I’m definitely over hearing “Wake Me Up When September Ends” at every graduation I attend), but with the release of Revolution Radio, their first new album in four years, I decided to give them a shot. They’re very much a pop-punk band of the early aughts, akin to the likes of Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Panic at the Disco; however, lead singer Billie Jo Armstrong tweeted out several months before that his goal for the new album was to “destroy the phrase pop-punk”. Whether or not he accomplished that,...

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Vinyl Splinters

Good evening dear readers. Roughly two months ago your fearless writer found himself on the receiving end of every beautiful heartbreaking song known to mankind. Our demanding publisher has a Bluetint Playlist, and a piece I wrote at that time that at one point I screamed to publish and quickly retracted.  I found it cut too deep into the actual human I pretend to never acknowledge that lives and cries and hurts inside your favorite inconsistent writer. Who knows due to contractual obligations it just might see the light of day, but for now I’ll keep the all attentive readers abreast of my comings and goings since the world fell, crashing Right on my Puma wearing feet. I found myself with more free time than I’d care to have for myself. I tried to cross-stitch and realized that I’m to old to learn that talent, I tried to start working out and eating better, however that seemed like something Josef Mengele would have advised and we all know that Nazis can fuck off.  So I stumbled upon a mother load of records for sale, about 2500 records, two console players, and a sweet ass portrait of FDR for the great price of 125$US. SOLD!  I figured what better way to get over the deepest love this writer has ever felt than to dig in and start collecting vinyl again?...

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