Month: August 2016

The Everymen – These Mad Dogs Need Heros

  The Everymen, a dual vocal fronted powerhouse hailing from New Jersey return with “These Mad Dogs Need Hero’s.”  We came to find The Everymen when Foley texted me after spending time on Bandcamp, and commanded that I stop what I was doing to experience the opening track “Co-Dependents Day.”  I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for the sonic pop onslaught that prompted me to throw the track onto our Volume 5 Apple Playlist.  “Co-Dependents Day” brought images of Chrissie Hynde fronting the Cruisers, a beautifully haunting homage to when melody and darkness wrapped up in each other perfectly.  The...

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Mike Peters – The Spirit of Love, Hope and Strength 2016

It’s always a nice feeling to get the opportunity to talk with  someone that you’ve long admired  and whose music has influenced your life.  It’s an even better feeling when you get off the phone with that person and they were even better than you imagined they would be.  This is the case with how I felt after spending a few minutes on the phone with Mike Peters of the Alarm.   BT: You’re currently in New York, but September see’s you back in the States.  Is this going to be a full band or acoustic tour?   Mike: ...

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Bryan Ferry – live at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA

      A friend let me know he had gotten me a ticket to see Bryan Ferry. First thought was  “that guy is still doing it?”. Second thought was “Cool, I gotta see this guy because this may be it”. A solid outlook, what with the recent passing of rock icons such as David Bowie, Prince and Ronnie James Dio and the fact that as artists get older, see Rush, they just can’t tour as much.      To get ready for the show I looked at the set list so I could brush up. Solo work, cover songs, & Roxy Music stuff certifies Bryan Ferry a prolific singer-songwriter...

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