Month: June 2016

Bullet Height – Bastion

Berlin-based electronic-rock duo BULLET HEIGHT, featuring Sammi Doll of IAMX and Jon Courtney of Pure Reason Revolution, have released a mini documentary exploring the group’s formation and their Berlin base. Watch the video here:...

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We had the opportunity to have a conversation with Eddie from the Los Angeles based band Sunset.  BT: Your Bio states “Los Angeles + Love +  Escapism = Sunset” sounds like a chapter heading-was this equation inspired by a particular book or author? S:  Yeah, the author is me, the novel is my life and the chapter is the last 5 years of said life.  Living in LA and pursuing an artistic dream is a constant walk on a very flimsy tight-rope. BT: How did the  band start and who writes the songs? S:I had gone all of 2014...

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Automatik Eden

I had a chance to catch up Dave & Cela from Automatik Eden recently in Los Angeles to talk about their new album. BT:  Tell us about the new single, and title track to your new album, “Madland.” AE: The album was basically done, and our producer, Sean Beavan( Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), told us that we needed one more upbeat tune, so he gave us an “assignment”, which really meant going to Las Vegas to find, ah, inspiration for the new songs, and that’s how we came up with ”Madland”. BT: On the subject of producers, did...

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The Dollyrots

Sometimes you have to just sit back and have a little fun.  Not take life so seriously and I have been guilty of sometimes taking myself, and the music I listen too way too seriously.  Then you come across a band like the Dollyrots, a fun power pop/punk band that has the infectious ability to make you smile along with them on their ride through life.  I had the pleasure of taking a few minutes with Kelly Ogden as she was getting in from the airport and prepping for a string of dates up and down California with Go...

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